Cars Start @ $500

SUV’s start @ $575.00

The Godfathers Interior Detail & Exterior Detail
16 Hour Service

Due to condition, shape, size and color of vehicle, price will vary. 

Accurate quote upon Vehicle Inspection. 


Minor Dog Hair subject to additional cost

Nicotine subject to additional cost

Ozone Odor Eliminator is additional cost

Heavy sap or tar removal $50
Scratch removal is additional cost (Estimate only)

$100 non-refundable deposit due at the time of scheduling 

24 hour notice for cancellation

Exterior Includes:

Hand wash, wheels and tires, wheel wells, jambs and all trim. A safe solvent is applied to remove all tar and sap. A Clay bar process is an engineered resin compound to remove contaminants from paint surfaces and metal.  Multiple levels of Paint correction is performed to remove heavier imperfections, blemishes and minor scratches from your clear coat finish. 

We do Not use high speed buffers that cause swirls and clear coat damage. 

We offer High end Paint Sealant that lasts up to 1 year of protection.

Interior Includes:

Full interior vacuum and trunk. All cracks and crevices are properly cleaned. We detail all vinyl, plastic and leather with a High end cleaner and conditioner. That restores proper minerals and oils that leaves a satin non greasy finish in your interior. We extract and or steam all upholstery, carpets and mats. We use a hot water extractor that heats up to 210% and has a 180 pound lift that removes all dirt and soils in your carpets, making them look fresh again. Heavier stain we use a professional steam machine that heats up to a boiling point creating steam. that helps loosing heavier grime and stains. Vehicle is completely disinfected and sanitized. All glass is cleaned to a sparkle. 

*Prices subject to change due to condition of vehicle!  (To unsure the best results, have all personal items removed from vehicle)