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Exclusive Elite Detail

​Full Interior Detail  -  Single Stage Correction  -  Sealant

Cars Start @ $500  |  SUV's Start @ $575


Exterior Wash, Prep. All surfaces, Wheels, & Barrels, Under Carriage,

Wheel Wells are Steam Cleaned

Complete Sanitization of interior. All carpets, mats and upholstery is professionally steam cleaned and extracted. Our system removes deep embedded dirt, grime and deodorizes the carpets.

All leather, vinyl and plastic is properly cleaned and conditioned with high quality lotions. 

Headliner is cleaned with a dry foam system to remove light to moderate stains. 

Trunk area is cleaned & vacuumed. All glass is cleaned to a sparkle. 

-   6-8 Hour Process pending vehicle   -

3 Stage System

1st: Clay bar process to remove all contaminants from the clear coat.

2nd: Clear coat finishing polish that enhances the clarity and close of clear coat.

3rd: Exclusive 1 Year Ceramic Paint Sealant that creates a durable high gloss protection.


Dog Hair - $100​

Construction Vehicles - $100

Ozone Treatment - $150

Nicotine - $100

Heavy sap or tar removal - $50

Due to condition, shape, size and color of vehicle, price will vary.* 

Interior Detail is subject to our inspection.

Scratch removal is additional cost (Estimate only)

$100 non-refundable deposit due at the time of scheduling 

24 hour notice for cancellation

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