Our exterior detailing entails more than a simple buff and wax treatment you might get some other detail shops. We take the utmost care to not only make your vehicle look spectacular, but to do so while preserving the integrity of your paint surface. This means fully decontaminating with a clay bar system on the paint surface, properly cleaning the finish. We use all state of the art machinery with the finest products that the market has to offer. And because we only use the finest products you’ll get a shine that is guarantee to last. We take pride in your ride.


We offer:
Full exterior paint surface, wheels, wheel wells and under carriage gets an external wash.

Full decontamination with a clay bar system.

3 stage system applied.

1 st Clear coat compound polish.

2nd Clear coat swirl remover glaze.

3rd Hand premier 100% carnauba paste wax applied by hand.

All chrome and plastic trim gets properly detailed.

Tires are treated.

All exterior windows cleaned to a sparkle.


Same day service or 2 day service pending condition and size of vehicle. 

Most Vehicles Start @ $199.99

Scratch removal additional cost. (Estimate only)

Heavy sap or tar removal $29.99 Large Suv’s additional $39.99 & Up