The Godfathers Interior Detail & Exterior Detail
Approx. 5-8 hours



Due to condition, shape, size and color of vehicle, price will vary. 

Accurate quote upon Vehicle Inspection. 


Heavy sap or tar removal $29.99
Scratch removal additional cost (Estimate only)

The Godfathers Elite Detail Package

Same day service or 2 day service pending condition and size of vehicle, includes:
 Minor Level Paint Correction detail including Reflection X Paint Sealant
The Interior Detail Package




*Prices subject to change due to condition of vehicle!  (To unsure the best results, have all personal items removed from vehicle)

Most Vehicles Start @ $324.99* | Large Suv’s additional $39.99 & Up

Most Vehicles Starts @ $524.99*

Large Suv’s Starts @ $599.99*